Best Poster Award in American Chemical Society on Campus - Mah Wee Li

3 October 2019

Our PhD student, Mah Wee Li, has won the Best Poster Presentation Award in ACS (American Chemical Society) on Campus event held in University of Malaya on 3rd October. ACS on Campus is American Chemical Society’s premier outreach program. This recent event was organized by ACS University of Malaya International Student Chapter in conjunction with ACS Malaysia Chapter. Wee Li presented part of his PhD research entitled “Facile Synthesis of Bioactive Pyridine-Functionalized Imidazolium Salts” which involves development of method to synthesize the compounds within significantly reduced duration. Besides, his presentation also demonstrates the study on how different alkyl chain length at the N-wingtip of imidazole affects their biological activities. Congratulations to Wee Li!