How much fat is in my potato chips?

12 July 2019

Opening a bag of chips is the most satisfying feeling for many people. Imagine ripping through the zip and the aroma gushing out of the bag, you cannot help but reach out your fingers to the chip that is most coated with flavour, can you?

Little by little, we end up finishing the whole bag but we tend to console ourselves that we are just eating fried vegetables. Generally, it should not be as bad as sugary drinks, no?

In a workshop with Tenby International School students on 21 June, Associate Professor Siow Lee Fong showed the students the crude fat extracted from potato chips. The students were surprised to see that much of crude fat was extracted from potato chips. That reminds everyone to take care of what they eat if they do not wish to put on the extra weight and subsequently leading to other health complications in the future.