MTSF Toray Grant Recipient - Hazel Yean Ru Ann

29 November 2019

Congratulations to our PhD student, Hazel Yean Ru Ann, who was awarded the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF TORAY) grant of RM10K. Her work is on “Contemporary Evolution of Herbicide Resistance in Malaysian Weedy Rice”.

The study aims to determine the functional mutations within the ALS genic region (encodes acetolactate synthase) and its enzyme activity in Malaysian IMI-resistant weedy rice. Control management of the weedy rice remains a challenge due to its morphological and physiological similarities to cultivated rice (Oryza sativa).  Introduction of Clearfield (CL) technology allows the use of ALS inhibitors, namely imidazolinone (IMI) herbicides, for a better weedy rice control management. The CL technology has been proven highly effective in controlling the weed. However, scientists are raising concerns about the rapid evolution of tolerance to IMI herbicides in weedy rice. Hazel hypothesized that tolerance to IMI herbicide in Malaysian weedy rice involves mutations in ALS gene and proposed to evaluate and provide new insights into the evolutionary mechanisms of the gene in rice plants.

Hazel is supervised by Dr. Song Beng Kah.

Dr Song Beng Kah and Hazel Yean