Successful FRGS Phase 1/2019 Applications

9 August 2019

Congratulations to our staff for successfully securing the FRGS Phase 01/2019 grants:

  1. Professor Sadequr Rahman, Professor Daniel Diamond Reidpath (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Associate Professor Sharifah Bt. Syed Hassan (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences),  Associate Professor Lee Sui Mae, Associate Professor Qasim Ayub, Professor Andrea Whittaker (Monash University Australia), Professor Jamunarani Vadivelu (Universiti Malaya) - Tracing The Dynamics Of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes In Segamat Using Beta-Lactam Resistant Enterobacteriaceae And Acinetobacter Baumannii: Identifying Genetic And Anthropological Signatures.
  2. Associate Professor Kumaran Narayanan, Associate Professor Rakesh Naidu a/l Kuppusamy Naidu (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Mr. Allan Ng Wee Ren, Associate Professor Juan Joon Ching (Universiti Malaya) - Fabry Disease: Understanding The Requirements For Genetic Complementation Of The Defect By Modifying AlphaGalactosidase A And Globotriaosylceramide Levels
  3. Dr Foo Su Chern, Dr Choo Wee Sim, Professor Fatimah Binti Md Yusoff (University Putra Malaysia) - Improving Storage Stability Of The Exclusive Marine Carotenoid From A Tropical Marine Microalgae, Chaetoceros Calcitrans (Paulsen) Takano 1968
  4. Dr Holly Barclay, Professor Sadequr Rahman, Associate Professor Qasim Ayub, Dr Song Beng Kah, Dr Siti Nurhidayu Binti Abu Bakar (Universiti Putra Malaysia) Dr Arman Hadi Bin Mohmad @ Fikri (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) - Assessment And Monitoring Of Malaysian Freshwater Biodiversity Using Traditional Surveys And Environmental DNA
  5. Dr Joash Tan Ban Lee, Professor Khalid Bin Abdul Kadir (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Associate Professor Uma Devi M Palanisamy (Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences), Professor Ting Kang Nee (University of Nottingham, Malaysia) - Could Tropical Fruit Rind Treat Hypertension By Ameliorating Endothelial Dysfunction?
  6. Dr Lee Wai Leng, Professor Chow Sek Chuen, Dr Goh Bey Hing (School of Pharmacy), Professor Ian Charles Paterson (Universiti Malaya) - Type 2 Transglutaminase In Exosome, A Potential Molecular Marker For Sensitivity Of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) Cells In Cisplatin Treatment
  7. Dr Lee Yee Ying, Professor Tey Beng Ti (School of Engineering), Professor Chan Eng Seng (School of Engineering), Associate Professor Siow Lee Fong, Professor Lai Oi Ming (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Mr. Tang Teck Kim (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Associate Professor Phuah Eng Tong (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), Ms Nur Azwani Ab Karim (Assistant Vice President II) - Hypocholestrolemic PalmBased Liquid Coconut Milk Substitute Infused With Nanocrystal Cellulose Derived From Palm Pressed Fiber
  8. Dr Pushpamalar A/P Janarthanan, Associate Professor Wu Ta Yeong (School of Engineering), Mr. Ragul Paramasivam, Professor Mansor Bin Ahmad @ Ayob (Universiti Putra Malaysia) - Development Of Novel Biodegradable Membrane From Oil Palm Biomass For Daily Use Materials
  9. Dr Yek Sze Huei, Associate Professor Adeline Ting Su Yien, Dr Nurul Ashikin Binti Abdullah (Universiti Malaya) - Ant-Plant Symbioses TradeOffs And Its Role In Forest Restoration Projects