Thank you Wee Li for your outstanding contributions to the school's community

10 September 2019

What if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg had all gone to university? Would they have become even more untouchable in terms of success? Well, we’ll never know now since none of them attempted to go back to school but one thing’s for sure – they’ve been missing out on A LOT of fun from student life.

Maybe you’d shrug off and think of it as a no big deal but honestly university’s not just a place for you to just get your degree and wave goodbye. It’s a whole new different lifestyle, experience and safe haven to equip yourselves with necessary skills like team building, event planning, and social skills.

True, you can learn all this once you are in the “outside” world. Then again, others would already be a step ahead of you. So, learn while you can and accept all the challenges being thrown at you because for postgraduate student, Mah Wee Li, it was definitely a rewarding learning experience.

There was never a slowdown moment for him throughout his research graduate years. He was like a hero without cape, constantly contributing time to the School of Science’s community. It all began in 2018 when he was nominated to be the faculty’s representative. His job was to take care of the students’ well-being, including their workplace satisfaction.

He organised races and actively participated in school events, with notable ones like the Monash Triathlon and BASF Kids’ lab. He was also one of the chairpersons who initiated the 5th Monash Science Symposium. As grand as it sounds, this event allowed postgraduate students who were involved as committee members, to gain some skills in event management.

Mind you, this isn’t just a brief period of excitement. His passion on building this community stronger can be seen continuing throughout 2019! That’s dedication, right there, my friend! Taking on as a representative for the School of Science is already hard, yet he still devotes himself to Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) as the activities manager, the American Chemical Society Monash University Malaysia International Student Chapter as assistant treasurer as well as the chemistry lab as the lab representative.

Forget octopus with eight tentacles, Wee Li can tackle all with just two bare hands! As a recognition for all his sacrifice and hard work, he was awarded with the 2019 Faculty of Science Award for Outstanding Contributions to the life of the faculty/ school community. Congratulations Wee Li!