Well done to our students at the MIFT 11th National Food Science and Technology Competition

8 April 2019

What’s annual, cut-throat  and rousing? Athletes may have Super bowl first come to mind but here at Monash School of Science, we think it is MIFT’s (Malaysian Institute of Food Technology) yearly competition.

This year, the 11th MIFT competition was held at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar on the 6th and 7th of April 2019. Sixteen universities around the country took part in which a team of nineteen students came from our school.

The main purpose of the competition was to explore new perspectives in food science and technology area, to develop research culture in students, to encourage critical and creative skills as well as to promote networking among students, researchers and industry.

Our students participated in four categories of competition. Among them were the Undergraduate Food Bowl Quiz, Undergraduate Oratory Competition, Innovative Food Product Development Competition and Postgraduate Research Paper Competition (Poster).

One of our undergraduate students, who is currently pursuing her Honours year, Lim Pei Yiin, won the Top Individual Scores in the Undergraduate Food Bowl quiz out of 32 participating teams consisting of 3 students.

We want to take the opportunity to congratulate Pei Yiin for achieving such excellent results not just only in the competition but in school as well. In regards to that, she was previously awarded our Bachelor of Food Science and Technology Best Student Award.

Our Food Science students team with Associate Professor Siow Lee Fong and Dr Lee Yee Ying

Ms Lim Pei Yiin with her top scorer award