Congratulations 2020 PVC Commendation Winners

27 August 2020

Congratulations to Dr Choo Wee Sim and Dr Irene Ling on their achievements in the recent 2020 PVC Award ceremony.

2020 PVC Commendation for Education
Innovation in Teaching - Individual

Dr Choo Wee Sim

Dr Choo has exhibited innovations in teaching by successfully converting the delivery of a unit to active learning. The redesigned learning module has substantially improved students’ learning experiences in the Bachelor of Food Science and Technology. She has also introduced the use of an online educational technology tool, FLUX, to enhance student learning and participation.

2020 PVC Commendation for Research
Open Category

Dr Irene Ling

Dr Irene’s research focus area is in manufacturing of microstructures such as nanoparticles. She has made significant contributions in the areas of supramolecular chemistry and nanomaterials. Irene was a recipient of the New Mobility Grant in 2017 and received silver medals at the ITEX-2019 and PECIPTA-2019. She has also established strong international research collaboration in the field and was the council member of the Asian Crystallographic Association.