The foodie lover turned food scientist

1 June 2020

Have you ever heard a person moan about not finding something to eat in Malaysia? No, because our country is a food galore. No matter how fussy or picky a person can be, there is surely something to suit the palette. The variety and the good flavours has undeniably created Malaysians to be inborn food enthusiasts. Dr. Lee Yee Ying was no exception and it was the very reason that got her interested in food science and technology.

“I remember being a foodholic since young,” she explains. She further adds that her mother also influenced her as she would always share with her and her siblings the latest “superfoods” whenever she came across such article in the magazine or newspapers.

Being planted with such passion at a tender age has helped Dr. Lee to be ahead of her game. She already knew what she wanted to study after her high school graduation – food science and technology. She excelled in the subject, completing her bachelor’s degree at Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2010 with first class Honours before moving on to PhD at the same university.

Through her PhD study, she managed to develop a type of healthful lipid with potential to be used to manage obesity.

She joined the School of Science in March 2017 as a lecturer. Aside from teaching, she had the opportunity to continue her research in the area of lipid technology particularly in the synthesis of structured lipid using enzymatic approach and further explored its application in various food systems.

Her passion and dedication in food science and technology could be seen in her many achievements. Even though still a fairly new addition to the food science and technology world, she has impressively published 17 scholarly journal articles, five book chapters as well as presented several papers at local and international conferences.