In Memory of Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan

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Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan

9 MARCH 1943 – 26 AUGUST 2021

In August 2021, the Monash University Malaysia School of Science lost one of their very own, with the passing of Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan. A/Prof Lim was a pioneer in the fields of inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and analytical chemistry/spectroscopy. At Monash, A/Prof Lim authored or coauthored over 100 refereed journal papers, and supervised over 10 PhD, MSc, and Honours students, many of whom were part of his successful research team.

Having joined the Monash School of Science in the late 1990s, A/Prof Lim had been quoted saying that Monash had given him an opportunity to work in areas that he was previously unable to, and that this change was welcome, and proved enriching. Among A/Prof Lim’s career highlights have been the discovery of antioxidant properties in ginger plant leaves, the groundbreaking research of the fern Blechnum orientale as an antioxidant, anticancer and antibacterial agent, and the identification of the oyster plant (Rhoeo spathacea) as a potential food colourant. A/Prof Lim Yau Yan, was also elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia in 2015, a pinnacle recognition of his contributions to Malaysian Science, and an honour shared with only a few in the nation.

Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan’s contribution to the MUM School of Science has been invaluable and immeasurable. Over his 23 year tenure at Monash, A/Prof Lim had inspired many young students at Monash, and made great strides forward for Monash University research, and towards the betterment of human health. A/Prof Lim, was a devoted chemist, educator, and colleague. In his passing, we remember and cherish his passion in teaching and research, and his commitment to continual learning. May his spirit live on, through his work and through his impact on his students, colleagues and fellow chemists.