9 September 2015

DuPont Malaysia, AAA Solutions Sdn Bhd and Fisher Scientific (M) Sdn Bhd gave up their time to introduce their companies and to discuss with students in a Q&A session what is needed to hold an industry position and how to best work towards getting employment.

For one query, the General Manager of ThermoFisher answered saying “there is no shame in doing sales with a BSc degree and that there is an entire career path available to those who go into it”!

Azham Zahid, Corporate Communications Leader added “DuPont made me realise that having a fun personality helps at the work place”.

A huge thanks to Mr Azham Zahid, Manager, Corporate Communications from DuPont, Mr Viva Chan, General Manager, ThermoFisher Scientific and Mr Chris Kok, Corporate Management Consultant from AAA Solutions Sdn Bhd for sharing valuable tips on what to expect at the workforce and also for motivating our students. 

12 May 2015

 26 March 2015