Research collaborations

No. Organisation Engagement Year Staff
1 DuPont Malaysia Two-year lecturing and workshop series for undergraduates where students will have opportunities to practice ethical decision making process based on actual business ethics cases 2015 Dr. Joash Tan Ban Lee
2 Malaysian Palm Oil Council Project title: The impact of disturbance on aquatic food webs in tropical peat swamps 2014 Dr. Holly Barclay, A/Prof. Catherine Yule
3 Soon Hing Cheong Ginseng Sdn Bhd

Project title: Bioactivity investigations on the extracts of porcupine date

Supporting one PhD student from 2014 to 2016

2014 A/Prof. Lim Yau Yan
4 Zaluvida Corporate Sdn Bhd

Workshop: Introduction of Microencapsulation Techniques

Objective: To introduce microencapsulation techniques used in both food and phamaceutical applications

2014 Dr. Siow Lee Fong