Model: PandaPlus 2000

Manufacturer: GEA Niro Soavi


The high pressure Panda PLUS homogenizer is a tabletop unit of a very small size, specifically designed for laboratory research and testing of micronization / homogenization on liquid products in various sectors (food, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.)

Typical Applications
  • QA/QC testing
  • Undergraduate teaching practical
Features and Benefits
  • The compact design of PandaPlus 2000 offers an esay installation, use and maintenance
  • Suitable for abrasive and viscous products and offers reliable use of high pressure energy for new production process development and optimized product formulation.
  • A touch panel for easy control of all machine functions.
Technical Specifications
PropertiesPandaPlus 2000
2000 cPs
Maximum particle sizeUp to 0.2 mm in infeed
Operating temperature< 90 °C
Homogenizing stageTwo homogenizing stage
Max back pressure5 bar


Person in charge: Fadzly Adzhar

Lab location: 3-5-19

Email address: fadzly.adzhar@monash.edu

Contact number: +603 55146000 (ext: 61595)