Cell Biology and Medical Biosciences

Members: Prof. Chow Sek Chuen, Prof. Sunil K. Lal, A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan, Dr. Michelle Yap, Dr. Lee Wai Leng, Dr Tan Hock Siew, Patrick

Areas of expertise from this group include cell death assays and toxicology studies, glucose metabolism, gene delivery and expression, neuroscience, molecular virology and infectious dusease, tissue regeneration, antibody engineering, cancer biology and proteomics. Other areas of interest are recombinant protein expression and downstream processing, overexpression and silencing of genes, immunomodulation, in vitro and in vivo toxicology, anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress assays.

The group also provide consultancy on antibody development and purification, in vitro and in vivo toxicology studies, clinical biochemistry and chemical pathology diagnostics, trouble-shooting and optimisation of research projects.