Members: Prof. Sadequr Rahman, Dr. Song Beng Kah, Prof. Catherine Yule, A/Prof. Adeline Ting, Dr. Lee Sui Mae, Dr. Jasmine Hue Seow Mun, Dr. Robyn Wilson (adjunct), Prof. Christopher Austin (adjunct).

Genomics is based on the ability to rapidly analyse DNA and RNA sequences. Genomics has applications in a broad range of areas including biology and microbiology, health, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental studies, biodiversity and chemistry. The School, on behalf of the campus, manages the Genomics Facility, which is part of the Monash Malaysia Tropical Medicine and Biology Platform.  The work of the Genomics facility has been widely published. Current projects include full genome sequences of globally important fishes, genomics and metagenomics of bacteria and bacterial ecosystems, population genetics of rice and birds and transcriptomics. The facility has worked with local and international companies and organisations to solve their research problems.