Hatake Green Revolution (The Heart Surgeon of Agriculture)

9 December 2015

Speaker: Mr. Vincent Tan

Exploratory Analysis of Transposable Elements in the Partial Genome of Ludisia discolor (Orchidaceae)

2 December 2015

Speaker: Dr. Sheh May Tam

Ligand Approach toward Chemical and Biological Science

19 November 2015

Speaker: Professor Tiow-Gan Ong

The Plastomes of Gymnosperms: Evolution toward Reduction, Compaction and Increased Complexity

19 November 2015

Speaker: Dr. Shu-Miaw Chaw

Zooplankton Distribution in Face of Global Warming: Meta-Manscriptome Approach

19 November 2015

Speaker: Dr. Ryuji Machida

Phytomedicines: Resolution for Inflammatory Disorders

19 November 2015

Speaker: Dr. Lie-Fen Shyur

The Roles of NRT1 Transporters in Nitrate Transport and Signaling

19 November 2015

Speaker: Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay

A Journey of Exploring Atomic Cesium 8S Energy Level

19 November 2015

Speaker: Dr. Wang-Yau Cheng

Getting Published!

9 October 2015

Speaker: Professor Douglas MacFarlane

Using Wolbachia Infections to Control Dengue Transmission

7 September 2015

Speaker: Dr. Peter Ryan

Anticancer Applications of Nanostructured Materials Functionalized with Metallodrugs

3 September 2015

Speaker: Professor Santiago Gómez-Ruiz

Fusing Learning with Technology

14 August 2015

Speaker: Dr. Wan Zuhainis Saad