Fusing Learning with Technology


How do you know your students are learning? How to unleash their creative potential? This seminar on Fusing Learning with Technology is designed to share Dr. Wan Zuhainis Saad’s experiences in enhancing students’ engagement for effective and meaningful learning. Active learning promotes innovation and creativity. This is the foundation required for students to be able to engage in higher order thinking skills and eventually self-directed learning. Web 2.0 tools including augmented reality and interactive lecture methods will be emphasized. It’s not about the tools, it’s how you use the tools to empower learning.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr. Wan Zuhainis Saad is currently the Head of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Dr. Wan Zuhainis Saad is a senior lecturer in microbiology. Her research activities include drug discoveries from thermophilic fungi and lactic and bacteria, microbial enzymes technology in biopolymers and pulp and papers. She has two patents on isolation and preservation techniques of thermophilic fungi and three copyrights for E-learning products, namely MICQUIZZIT, Mighty Microbes and Big Book of Microbes.

Dr. Wan Zuhainis Saad practices E-learning and active learning approach in enhancing students’engagement for effective and meaning learning. She has been awarded Anugerah Fellowship Naib Canselor (Kategory Pengajaran) in 2012 and also won six silver medals in National Universities Carnival on E-learning (NUCEL2014). She is an active trainer in E-Learning, Modular Approach and Blended Learning in both IPTAs and IPTS.