Hatake Green Revolution (The Heart Surgeon of Agriculture)


Bumi Enviro Sdn. Bhd. was founded in March 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after conducting an extensive research and development project with our Japanese counterpart, Kyushu Medical Co. Ltd to culture Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens for agriculture application. The company is formed primarily to focus on formulating an environmentally friendly product that will boost agriculture yield, anti-mold, fungus & bacteria, in one SINGLE package without contaminating the air, ground water and land. The effort is also centralized on helping impoverished farmers to improve their livelihood through proper nurturing and cultivation of their land.

The first manufacturing plant was commissioned in the Philippines 18 months ago and now boosts tremendous sales through the dedicated and earth loving distributors. Bumi Enviro plans to expand within South East Asia to assist the farmers to cultivate their land which is teeming with life instead of synthetic chemicals. The product, HATAKE, has demonstrated its efficacy in improving plantation yield from 20%- 40%, reduction in fertilizer usage by 50%, brix level, and disease free plants resulting from fungus, mold and bacterial infections at a low cost to farmers. The company calls this THE HATAKE way of life.

Speaker’s Profile:

Mr. Vincent Tan, major in Finance, is a graduate from the Western Michigan University, USA. With 16 years of business experience in management and marketing, he is currently affiliated with Bumi Enviro Sdn. Bhd. Representing the company, Mr Vincent is proactively seeking assistance from scientists to establish the joint research and marketing of HATAKE. Discussion with the Japanese is ongoing in setting up a plant in Malaysia to provide this solution to the plantations in South East Asia region for the purpose of helping impoverished farmers to improve their livelihood. Working with many NGOs is in the process to roll out the program as its considered a very effective and low cost solution. Ultimately the team is geared towards humanitarian projects in under developed countries.