Worms as a Versatile Tool for Host-Pathogen Interaction Studies and Discovery of Anti-infectives

21 December 2016

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sheila Nathan

Design of engineered delivery systems: from nanoparticles to digestive health

29 July 2016

Speaker: Prof. Paul Takhistov

Self-relation of Taiwan Food Industry - a collective effort

3 June 2016

Speaker: Prof. Bonnie Sun Pan

Whole Food Approach for Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthy Aging

3 June 2016

Speaker: Prof. Rui Hai Liu

Micronanostructure: A Key to Unlock the Complex System of Food

3 June 2016

Speaker: Prof. Pingfan Rao

Saving Newborns through Food Fortification - a Tale of Hope and Hurdles

25 May 2016

Speaker: Associate Professor Karin B. Michels

Phytochemical Analysis of Plant Extracts by Using Advanced Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

3 May 2016

Speaker: Mr. Yong-Foo Wong

Analytical Opportunities and Challenges in Essential Oils Analysis

3 May 2016

Speaker: Prof. Philip J. Marriott

SIRT1 Inhibition in Pancreatic Cancer: Contrasting Effect in vitro and in vivo

28 April 2016

Speaker: Dr. Oon Chern Ein

Agricultural Biostimulants

29 March 2016

Speaker: Dr. Frank Ow Yang Abdullah

Aurigene - Your Research Partner in Drug Discovery and Development

15 March 2016

Speaker: Dr. Bhavesh Choudhary

Hypothetical Proteins: Can they be the next drug targets?

28 January 2016

Speaker: Dr. Normi Mohd Yahaya

Developing More Effective Science Graduates

13 January 2016

Speaker: Prof. Tina Overton