Agricultural Biostimulants


This presentation will provide an overview of microbes and high organic fortified fertilisers that improve crop yields and provide sustainable practices. This research has the potential for immediate tangible synergy between academia, applied field sciences, business and marketing with ready products and proven trials.

Speaker’s Profile:

Dr. Frank is initially qualified as a Medical Physician/Specialist and a General Surgeon who graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (UK). After graduating Dr. Frank had served in the medical fraternity as a Specialized General Surgeon in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland for years. Upon returning to Malaysia in 1995 and doing landscaping for sometimes, Dr. Frank commenced his research and analysis in Microbial Agriculture Technology for more than 12 years, before discovering a magical formula which is very effective and vigorous namely Billion Microbes. Finally, this product was successfully manufactured sometime in 2009 and marketed since 2010 onwards.