Design of engineered delivery systems: from nanoparticles to digestive health

Speaker’s Profile:

Dr. Paul Takhistov is a Professor of Food Engineering at the Department of Food Science, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey. He holds advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering and Physical Chemistry. He came to the Rutgers in 2002 from the Univ. of Notre Dame where he held a research faculty position at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering.
His research interests are in understanding the physicochemical interactions between multiphase matrices with biotic and abiotic materials, in order to allow rational choice and manipulation of materials improving their safety and quality. His group is currently performing several research projects focused on the development of nanostructured functional materials for bio-detection and advanced drug delivery applications.

Additional research interests: application of nanofluidics and non-linear electro-kinetic phenomena for advanced material functionalization. Some other projects include biosensors development for biosecurity applications, modeling of the microbial population dynamics in extreme environments; studying of pathogens adhesion to the nano-structured surfaces during biofilm development and investigating the effects of electromagnetic field on bacterial inactivation.

He is an editorial board member of Food Biophysics Journal, Journal of Applied Packaging Research, and Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment. Prof. Takhistov's research is currently supported by the USDA, NSF and DHS.