Developing More Effective Science Graduates


The world faces many challenges which our graduates will be at the forefront of tackling. The traditional science education which provides them with an extensive knowledge can only partially prepare them for a lifetime of work in which they will be tackling problems which we cannot even imagine exists. Consequently, the science curriculum has to change in order to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills and attributes which will enable them to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. Curriculum development, especially within higher education, has often happened in a piecemeal way, influenced by individual academic’s research interests, personal views or current fashion. There is a need to base such development on sound research evidence and this seldom happens. This presentation will show research evidence that can help us to redesign what and how we teach in order to develop more employable and effective graduates.

Speaker’s Profile:

Tina Overton is Professor of Chemistry Education at Monash University. She was previously Professor of Chemistry Education at the University of Hull in the UK. She had a career in industry and the National Health Service before joining academia after a PhD in catalysis chemistry. Tina has published on the topics of problem solving, peer assessment, work-based learning, critical thinking, context and problem-based learning and several textbooks in inorganic chemistry and skills development.