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School of Science

Primary: holly.barclay@monash.edu
Secondary: +603 5515 9681
Room 4-8-40

Dr Holly Barclay was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Natural Sciences by the University of Cambridge, UK and then undertook her PhD in Zoology at the same university studying the ecology of freshwater mussels in China as part of a World Bank/GEF lake restoration project.  After a short postdoctoral period she took up the position as a lecturer in the School of Science at Monash in 2014.  Dr Barclay's main research interest is the ecology and conservation of freshwater biodiversity in SE Asia, although she is increasingly also interested in studying the effectiveness of sustainability certification schemes on agricultural management practices. Her current research focuses on the effects of land use change on the ecology and biodiversity of aquatic invertebrate communities in Malaysian waterways and potential management strategies for mitigating these impacts.


Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology, University of Cambridge, 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2005


Freshwater ecology and conservation

Research Interests

  • Ecology and conservation of freshwater biodiversity in SE Asia
  • Effectiveness of sustainability certification schemes on agricultural management practices


  • SCI1800 (Environmental Science: A Southeast Asian Perspective)
  • BIO3800 (Tropical Environmental Management)

Scholarly Journals

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Research Grants

  • An updated assessment of the status and major threats to wetlands in Peninsular Malaysia (2019-2020
  • New technologies for monitoring fine sediment pollution (2018-2020)
  • A systematic approach to prioritisation of freshwater ecosystems for sustainable management in Peninsular Malaysia (2018-2019)

PhD students (Completed)

  1. Darshanaa Chellaiah - Impacts of riparian vegetation on stream ecology in oil palm plantations in Borneo
  2. Vishalini Ghobe - Ecology of aquatic invertebrates in North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest, Selangor, Malaysia

PhD students (Present)


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