Lee Yee Ying



PhD (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Telephone: +603 5514 6000
Ext: 59716, (DID: +603 5515 9716)
Room number: 4-8-29

Fat and oils processing, modification and applications.

Edible fats and oils field which focuses on the chemical/enzymatic structural modification (esterification, transesterification, hydrolysis and glycerolysis) of edible fats and oils for the synthesis of functional lipid that can serve to manage/treat various health complications.

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  • Best Award of Doctor Philosophy - Institute of Bioscience, Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Best Oral Presenter - Asian Congress of Biotechnology
  • Graduate Research Fund - Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Dean's List - Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • First Runner Up for Developing Solution for Developing Countries Competition (International team) - Institute of Food Technologists
  • Research collaborator - Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Research collaborator - Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Research collaborator - Jinan University
  • Professional member - Malaysia Institute of Food Technology