Ng Si Ling


Adjunct Research Fellow

PhD (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia)

Wastewater treatment, bioremediation, adsorption, bioregeneration of adsorbents

Selected Journal Papers

Jun-Wei Lim, Chye-Eng Seng,  Poh-Eng Lim, Si-Ling Ng, Kui-Chew Tan and Sook-Ling Kew (2013), Response of low-strength phenol-acclimated activated sludge to shock loading of high phenol concentrations, Water South Africa, 39:695-699.

See, S., Lim, J.W., Lim, P.E., Seng, C.E., Ng, S.L., Adnan, R., 2013. Enhancement of o-cresol removal using PAC and acclimated biomass immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel beads. Desalin. Water Treat. DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2013.83874

Lim, J.W., Seng, C.E., Lim, P.E., Ng, S.L., Tan, K.C., Kew, S.L., 2013. Response to shock loading of high phenol concentrations by low-strength phenol-acclimated activated sludge. Water SA., 39(5), 695-700

Lim, J.W., Ng, S.L., Khor, S.M., Seng, C.E. (2012). Inhibitory effect of 2,4-dichlorophenol on nitrogen removal in a sequencing batch reactor. Korean J. Chem. Eng., 29(7), 886-890.

Chan, P.Y., Ng, S.L., Seng, C.E., Lim, P.E. (2012). Removal of Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by living and non-living cultured sludges: Equilibrium modeling. Int. J. Environ. Technol. Manage. 15, 79-93.

Lim, J.W., Seng, C.E., Lim, P.E., Ng, S.L., Ahmad Sujari, A.N. (2011). Nitrogen removal in moving bed sequencing batch reactor using polyurethane foam cubes of various sizes as carrier materials. Bioresour. Technol. 102, 9876-9883.

Khor, S.M., Ng, S.L., Lim, P.E., Seng, C.E. (2011). The effects of nickel (II) and chromium(VI) on oxygen demand, nitrogen and metal removal in sequencing batch reactor. Environ. Technol. 32, 1903-1914.

Ng, S.L., Seng, C.E., Lim, P.E. (2010). Bioregeneration of activated carbon and activated rice husk loaded with phenolic compounds: Kinetic modeling. Chemosphere 78,510-516.

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