Ton So Ha

PhD (University of Aberdeen, UK)

FRCPath (College of Pathologists, UK)

Human biochemistry, clinical biochemistry/chemical pathology and molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular biology of Hepatitis B and C infection, nutritional biochemistry in health and diseases, effect of compounds e.g. glycyrrhizic acid on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Selected Journal Papers

Hamish Alexander Fernando, Hsien-Fei Chin, So Ha Ton, and Khalid Abdul Kadir, “Stress and Its Effects on Glucose Metabolism and 11-HSD Activities in Rats Fed on a Combination of High-Fat and High-Sucrose Diet with Glycyrrhizic Acid,” Journal of Diabetes Research,  (2013) , Article ID 190395, 18 pages, 2013.

Yoke Yin Chia, Shih Yeen Liong, So Ha Ton, Khalid bin Abdul Kadir, Amelioration of glucose homeostasis by glycyrrhizic acid through gluconeogenesis rate-limiting enzymes, European Journal of Pharmacology,(2012) Volume 677, Issues 1–3, 29 February 2012, Pages 197-202.

Ng, Y. Q., Chandramouli, C., Ton, S. H., Kadir, K. A., Haque, F. & Tamotharan, M. S. (2012) Modulation of glucose and lipid metabolism in adrenalectomised rats given glycyrrhizic acid. J Mol Pathophysiol, 1 (1), 3-20.

Selected Book and Book Chapters

Ton, So Ha, Chandramouli, Chanchal and BAK, Khalid (2013) Glycyrrhizic Acid: Biological Effects on Glucose and Lipid Metabolisme In  Natural Products , E Ramawat, Kishan Gopal  (editor) E Mérillon, Jean-Michel (editor) , Springer Berlin Heidelberg , pp 3803 to 3826

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