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Motor Vehicle Safety

  • Consider the following tips when using your car and parking on Campus
  • Park in well lit areas where your car is visible.
  • Avoid parking next to trucks and vans.
  • Keep all items out of sight, especially valuables and loose change.
  • Remove GPS cradles and other signs of valuables in the car, make sure you wipe the suction marks off your windscreen.
  • Place GPS units and other valuables in the boot of your car.
  • Keep your car locked at all times.
  • Consider a steering lock or alarm system
  • Service your car regularly to avoid breakdowns.
  • When leaving your car for service, only leave your car key, don't leave house/room keys.
  • Get your keys ready as you approach your car.
  • When approaching your car check around to see if anyone is loitering in the area.


In an on-campus
emergency, please dial


Extension : 46333
Dial (+603) 5514 6333

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