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Unwanted Phone Calls

Consider following the below tips if you receive unwanted phone calls

  • Hang up as soon as you realise the nature of the call.
  • Do not try to find out who the caller is, even if you think it is a friend playing a joke.
  • If it occurs frequently, keep a log of exactly when the call was received and what both parties said. Describe the type of voice and note any background noises.
  • Consider changing your phone number
  • If the calls continue contact Campus security and Police.


In an on-campus
emergency, please dial


Extension : 46333
Dial (+603) 5514 6333

Contact Information

Security Department


Tel: 03-5514 6065
Ext: 46065
E-mail: mum.security.unit@monash.edu

Working Hours: 24Hours
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