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Personal Safety Plan
  • Location of a most suitable car park. Is the area well lit?
  • Where is the nearest Public Transport point?
  • Is the entry/exit door I normally use to my office/study area the safest entry or exit to the building?
  • What is the safest path for me to use when walking to and from my workplace or lecture/study area?
  • Does this pathway have overhanging trees or shrubs which may provide cover for other people?
  • Should I use the local campus Security Escort Service, and what are their contact numbers?
  • Would I feel comfortable carrying a personal alarm?
  • Have I stored the telephone numbers of Campus Security and the local Police Station into my mobile phone (keep handy)?
  • If I am confronted in my workplace or study area, is there a natural barrier I can place between me and the other person (eg, desk, counter)
  • Do I have anything in my study or work area that could be used as a weapon against me (eg, sticky tape dispenser, pens, rulers, keys)? Where is the best place to store these items?
  • What is the most convenient escape route (eg, Exit door from my workplace or study area, or, when I'm walking on campus where is my nearest "Safe Place").
  • Do I have a good knowledge of my workplace or study environment (eg, location of toilets or nearest public telephone)?
  • Do I have contact telephone numbers of my network of people I can trust, and contact for advice or assistance, should the need arise. (Friends, Relatives, Security Staff).


In an on-campus
emergency, please dial


Extension : 46333
Dial (+603) 5514 6333

Contact Information

Security Department


Tel: 03-5514 6065
Ext: 46065

Working Hours: 24Hours
Location: Building 2, Level 1