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Using Public Transport

Consider the tips below when using public transport

  • Try to avoid isolated bus stops or train stations.
  • Stay away from the edge until the bus or train stops.
  • If possible, sit near the driver or in the night safe area of a train.
  • If someone is bothering you or harassing you move to another seat and tell the person in a loud voice "PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME".
  • Remain on the bus or train if you are uncomfortable getting off.
  • Do not get on the bus or train if you feel uncomfortable getting on.

Taxi Awareness

  • Look for Taxi Stands
  • Keep Your Belongings with You
  • Only Use Easily Identifiable Taxis
  • Stick with Metered Taxis
  • Check for Door Handles
  • Be Wary of Shared Cabs
  • Know Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Know Where You’re Going
  • Avoid Traveling Alone
  • Contact Friends & Family
  • Pay While in the Cab
  • Look Behind You Before Opening the Door


In an on-campus
emergency, please dial


Extension : 46333
Dial (+603) 5514 6333

Contact Information

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