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Living at Monash Residence

When living at Monash Residences, consider the following safety tips:

Always lock your unit door at all times.
Keep an eye out for people 'tailgating' - following a legitimate user into the room before the door closes
Direct strangers to the security office.
Do not prop open any doors to allow unescorted visitors into the residence (friends, etc.).
Do not leave your keys lying around in your room unattended.
Do not leave messages on your door about when you will return to your room.
Inform your residence head or security office if you are planning to be away for a few nights or a few days.
Report any suspicious people or activities to the security officers.
Always lock your doors and windows at night, especially if you are on the lower floors.
Close your curtains at night, especially if you are on the lower floors.
Get to know your residence staff and neighbours.


In an on-campus
emergency, please dial


Extension : 46333
Dial (+603) 5514 6333

Contact Information

Security Department


Tel: 03-5514 6065
Ext: 46065

Working Hours: 24Hours
Location: Building 2, Level 1