Sun-U Apartment

Sun-U Apartment, located behind the Sunway University/Sunway College main campus, has been for years the home of students for its convenience, affordability and safety.

Residents of Sun-U Apartment will have the option of choosing from staying in a twin-sharing or four-sharing room (with choice between near window and near door). The apartment unit consists of 2 twin-sharing rooms and 1 four-sharing (8 residents per unit).

Just a short 3-minute walk away from the Sunway University/Sunway College campus and 10 minutes from Monash University Malaysia, Sun-U Apartment boasts 24-hour security surveillance and patrol. Facilities include study room with Wi-Fi internet access, badminton court, BBQ pit and open picnic area as well as a launderette (coin-operated).

Residents can look forward to various activities after a long day of classes; a chat over food at the BBQ and picnic area, sporting activities such as badminton, or even for more studying over at the study rooms.

There is no need to worry regarding access to the internet as residents can remain connected via the Wi-Fi enabled study rooms or in the comfort of their own unit for their studies and research purposes or just for leisure.

A list of the items and facilities to be found in Sun-U Apartment is as below:

  • Single-sized bed
  • Book rack
  • Study table & chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Fan
  • Shower heater
  • Filtered water dispenser (hot & cold)
  • Food storage and organizer
  • Dining table set
  • Lounge area (sofa set & coffee table)
  • Refrigerator
  • Pantry
  • Shoe Rack
  • 24-hour security
  • Badminton court
  • BBQ pit and open picnic area
  • Wi-Fi enabled Study room
  • Launderette (coin-operated)
  • Convenience store
  • Prayer Room (for Muslims)
Type of ResidenceDeposit (MYR)Processing fee (MYR)Rental per quarter {3 months} (MYR)Total initial fees payable (MYR)
Four-sharing (near door) 1000 300 1140 2440
Four-sharing (new window) 1000 300 1350 2650
Twin-sharing 1000 300 1680 2980
Twin-sharing (small room)150030021003900

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