Cost of living


Malaysia is an exciting and affordable place to live. On a reasonable budget, you can cover your living and entertainment costs and have money spare to travel.

The tables below can help you budget, but the figures are only a guide. Your actual costs will vary, according to your location and lifestyle.


Here’s a quick guide to the cost of staying at a Monash-run residence. Find out more on this and your other Sunway accommodation options.

ItemCost (RM)
Application fee (one-off, upfront) 500
Deposit (one-off, refundable) 1000–2000
Monthly rent 330–1500
Telephone and internet connection Included in rent
Water and electricity Included in rent

Other living expenses

Living in Malaysia means never running out of great food options. A vast choice of affordable and delicious Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes is never too far away. Prices range from low to high, depending on the venue.

Fast-food chains, such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Subway, have outlets in major shopping and business areas, but they’re often not as cheap (or fast) as local food stalls.

Purchasing daily necessities and groceries is not a problem as the Bandar Sunway area is full of malls that usually include a major grocery outlet, such as Tesco or Carrefour, and smaller stores are everywhere.

You also have many entertainment options in and around Kuala Lumpur and Bandar Sunway, and with good public transport and abundant cheap flights, getting anywhere in or near Malaysia is generally easy and affordable.

ItemCost (RM)
Street-stall food 6–12
Fast food 6–25
Restaurant 15–50
Clothing From 30
Groceries 30–80
Entertainment (movie, concert, sport event) From 12
Air ticket Visit  AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines for the latest fares.
Taxi 3.50 for first 2 km, then 0.10 per 115 metres
Bus, Light Rail Transit MYrapid has the latest fares.
Other monthly costs From 400