What they say

Kan Wai Min

“I am thankful for a quality education at Monash Malaysia and the privilege of doing an internship in another country.”

Heer Raj

“Good learning starts from a conducive environment and Monash delivers just that.”

Jamie Lee Tkalcevic

“My favourite part of exchange in Malaysia would have to be the friendships I made.”

Liow Sue Mayn

Bachelor of Business and Commerce

“Being a committee member for the Monash University Investment group and also joining the Toastmasters Club in Monash has equipped me with strong leadership and interpersonal skills.”

Nadiatul Akmal binti Masri

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

“I get to broaden my knowledge and I’m free to express ideas and solutions.”

Rubini Shanmuga Ratnam

Bachelor of Business and Commerce

“The Monash degree programs for business allows me to do a double major, which is rare in other institutions in Malaysia.”

Vigneshvaran Sethuraman

PhD in the School of Engineering

“Being in Engineering gives you the courage to take risks and challenge yourself!”

Sharon Koh Geok May

PhD in the School of Business

“Monash provides the necessary infrastructure and support for me to improve my research skills.”

Jacqui Kong Huiyi

PhD in the School of Arts and Social Sciences

“Research is highly valued at Monash, and the most encouraging aspect is the feeling that you are contributing to knowledge, and your contribution is valued no matter your age or your research field.”

Dilukshan Karunatilaka

PhD in the School of Engineering

“The facilities here continuously evolve based on student feedback, and the staff are very welcoming to student concerns and requirements, which is excellent.”

Caryn Lim

PhD in the School of Arts and Social Sciences

“One of the best things about research is that you define your own goals. I really enjoy my research because it is something I am genuinely interested in.”

Michelle Tan Sze-Fan

PhD in the School of Science

“I am very fortunate to have great supervisors who are very supportive. They continue to sharpen my thinking and helped me to grow as a person.”

Adil Arif Bawany

Master of Business Information Systems

“I left my job back home to give myself a break and get international experience so that I am more polished and in a better position to face the challenges ahead and to expose myself to better opportunities.”

Himani Nailwal

PhD in the School of Science

“I have had a really good experience with supervisors and technical staff in terms of both collaborations and access to different facilities. Everyone is cordial and Monash has a well-managed system.”

Noor Leena Haniffah

PhD in the School of Business

“The overarching goal and philosophy of education in Monash is to learn a critical way of thinking and reasoning, beyond merely good grades.”

Hamza Saleem Shahzad

Master of Business Information Systems

“The facilities provided to the postgraduates are great, such as our own lab space to work in, with 24-hour access. Monash really takes care of its postgraduates.”

Vinodh Raj Rajagopal Muthu

Bachelor of Engineering

“This has allowed me to look beyond the engineering blinkers that my course mates and I might be tuned to.”

Begenova Saniya

Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business

“There is a lot of support – peer support, support from administration and from lecturers/tutors.”

Muhammad Khairin Mohamad Razip

Bachelor of Engineering

“There are many activities going on and there is something to look forward to every week.”