Adil Arif Bawany

Get involved in extra-curricular activities

Master of Business Information Systems

1. Full name / age / nationality.

Adil Arif Bawany / 26 / Pakistani


2. Degree studied?

Master of Business Information Systems, expected completion in November 2015.


3. Describe your current major, or the current focus of your research thesis.

This is my last semester, and I have opted for 'Industry Experience' instead of the research line. I will be working with Suhakam (The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) as a business analyst with a team of software developers.


4. Why did you choose Monash Malaysia?

I chose Monash Malaysia because it offers a renowned Australian degree and it's comparatively more affordable than going to Australia, although providing the same experience and exposure. 


5. While at Monash, what type of opportunities did you participate in?

I am currently the publicity head of the Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA). The association arranges activities (indoor, outdoor, academic, non-academic, etc) on a very frequent basis, and it is good be involved.


6. How has your undergraduate degree or postgraduate experience been at Monash?

I am a different person now altogether compared to what I was a year back when I initially joined Monash. I am a more responsible person now, and a better manager of my life, more in control and more focused.


7. If you are a postgraduate student, why did you choose to do a postgraduate degree? What are the benefits and challenges that came with studying in a postgraduate course?

I had been working for three years when I applied to Monash Malaysia. I left my job back home to give myself a break and get international exposure and experience so that I am more polished and in a better position to face the challenges ahead and to expose myself to better opportunities.


8. What do you love most about your student life at Monash? 

To be honest, I would say, extra-curricular activities is what I love the most because they keep me motivated in my academic study, and my free time is spent well too. It's a win-win situation.


9. If you are an international student, how did you adapt to life in Monash Malaysia and Malaysia in general? Are there any particular pleasant experiences or challenges?

Being away from home for the first time, I admit that it was tough for me to adjust initially. It took me a couple of months to adjust thanks to some good friends, the locals being really nice and the country itself being very rich in terms of tourist attractions. Traveling helped me a lot, and not to forget the local food here!


10. As an international student, how did you find the support networks here? Would you have some tips for other international students, especially from your country, intending to study in Monash Malaysia?

There are a lot of things going on in campus on a daily basis. There are debate societies, boxers, cricketers, everyone, looking for you to join them. Apart from that, the university offers all kinds of help that you may need, including counselling and medical help. 

For people, especially from Pakistan (India and Bangladesh), it might take some time to get used to the local food here, being far less spicy than what we are used to. But once you get used to it, Malaysian food is really awesome.


11. What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students? 

You are almost there! A little bit more effort, and the degree is all yours.