Liow Sue Mayn

Always study what you love, but most importantly, pursue that love with passion.

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (started 2014)

1. How and why did you choose your degree program, and why Monash?

I came to know Monash University Malaysia through a good friend a mine who encouraged me to aim higher for a better tertiary education. The reason why I chose Monash was its notable reputation and the vast career opportunities provided to students, which I believe will be of a great help once I venture out to the corporate world. Furthermore, I get to experience studying in an Australian university based in Malaysia.


2. What are your future goals and career ambitions? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My future goals are to continue excelling in my majors and to graduate peacefully from Monash. I am going to keep chasing after my dreams of becoming a successful and influential entrepreneur or businesswoman in the corporate world and I see that turning into a reality 10 years down the road.


3. Please describe yourself as an individual. What makes you unique?

I am a quirky but ordinary girl who always has an aura of cheerfulness around her and someone who has just been welcomed to the 20-year-old circle. I think just being myself is what makes me unique. I mean, how many people out there have exactly the same genes that are existing in my body cells?


4. Do you participate in extra-curricular activities in the university or in the community? If yes, how has it helped in your personal development?

Being a committee member for the Monash University Investment group and also joining the Toastmasters Club in Monash has equipped me with strong leadership and interpersonal skills that will be a great advantage for me once I graduate from Monash and it will also boost up my resume.


5. How do you find your degree program?

I find my degree program very interesting and challenging. There are many different units in the program which I have not heard of before. What I like best about this program is that the subjects taught are applicable and resourceful, and it is also an extra advantage to students who are majoring in accounting as we can get exemptions when taking professional accounting papers in the future. Moreover, the lecturers, tutors and seniors are really helpful as they are always willing to teach and guide me through every semester. To me, the most challenging aspects of this program is coping with many tough units in one semester and struggling to manage my time well.


6. What advice would you give other students considering various degree programs?

Always study what you love, but most importantly, pursue that love with passion.


7. While at pre-university what challenges did you face and how did Monash help you overcome these challenges?

I used to be very shy and timid during my college days and studying at Monash has actually helped to shape a more confident me by providing numerous group assignments, presentations and a variety of clubs and activities for me to join. Since doing group assignments and joining clubs requires me to communicate with other students, I am able to speak my mind and convey my messages to them clearly without experiencing a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack.


8. Whilst at Monash, did you have any industry exposure/placements? How has it made a difference to your own life or the life of others around you?

I am currently doing an internship in a small accounting firm during this summer semester (1/12/2015 – 26/2/2016) and it is a really great experience as it provides me with the fundamental knowledge and idea of how the corporate world looks like as well as giving me the right exposure that will help me to advance my career in the accounting field. This internship has made me more matured and knowledgeable in terms of knowing more about how accounting works in a company. It also gives me confidence in interacting with people with different characters and managing my time wisely.


9. What do you love most about your student life at Monash?

The fact that I have learned to accept failure, recognise my own mistakes and admit the faults that I have made along the way. Instead of deterring me from venturing out and aiming higher, this has helped me to become more courageous to take even bigger risks and have empathy towards other students who are struggling with their studies.


10. If you could provide one sentence of advice to future undergraduate students, what would it be?

Failure is actually life’s blessing in disguise. So stand tall and embrace it as it will take you miles through your journey towards success and probably even make you aware and grateful of all the things you had never noticed.