Muhammad Khairin Mohamad Razip

Active community and friendly lecturers

Bachelor of Engineering (started 2014)

1. Full name / Age / Nationality.

Muhammad Khairin Mohamad Razip / 21 / Malaysian


2. Where are you studying presently?

I’m studying in my first year in the Bachelor of Engineering program. I aim to enter the Mechatronics program next year because I’m really into robots! 


3. Why did you choose to study at Monash University Malaysia?

I was looking for a university after I completed my secondary schooling, and my father’s friend introduced Monash to me. He told me that Monash University had a good Engineering program.


4. Describe your study experience at Monash University Malaysia.

I have to admit that the course has been tough - but good things never come easy! There are many assignments, but I’ve managed to cope, thanks to friends. One thing I like about Monash Malaysia is that the lecturers  are more like my friends and so I feel comfortable with them.


5. What advice would you offer to the current students on how to succeed in university?

Start early with your assignments and studying, and take it slow and steady. Last minute work is not the way to go.


6. What are your plans for the future?

I’m really interested to work in research and development, or perhaps in a workplace that allows me to experiment whatever I wish! When I was a kid, I loved war movies, so I might want to do something with military technology to reduce war casualties.


7. What single experience from your time at Monash University Malaysia stands out?

There are many activities going on and there is something to look forward to every week, be it flea markets or student competitions. Just absorbing the life around me at Monash helps me forget the stress of studying.