Employability Skills

Employability skills

Employability skills are transferrable skills that are also often referred to as ‘enterprise skills’, 'communication skills' or ‘workplace skills. These skills contribute to an individual’s success in the workplace.

Nine key employability skills

Monash University has identified nine key employability skills you’ll need to develop to ensure career success

How can you develop your employability skills while studying?

Monash provides you with many platforms and opportunities for you to develop your employability skills while studying. Consider engaging in:

  • internships and industry placements
  • actively participating in-class presentations and group assignments
  • study abroad and exchange programme
  • virtual internship opportunities
  • volunteering for social courses
  • extra-curricular activities (sport, hobbies etc.)
  • clubs and societies on campus
  • completing employability modules offered through programs such as Leap into Leadership Online.

Log in and reflect on your skills experience using Student Futures, a Monash online tool that helps you compile and reflect on your employability skill experiences using the STAR method.

You can use this evidence when you start job hunting. Student Futures is Monash's unique online tool that helps you build a bank of employability skill examples using the STAR method.