Student testimonials

“Whether you have already graduated or in your penultimate year, or just started your Monash journey, you may often wonder whether you are heading the right direction in your career as you will be faced with a variety of choices available around you. I have been in similar situations and Monash ECD had helped me narrow down my choices and move straight ahead to my dream job.

Barely having an idea on where to start my career when I first arrived at Monash, I visited the ECD Resource Centre and read the career guides and leaflets about different companies and industries available there. Still confused and not having a clear idea of where I was heading to, I took the opportunity to talk to employers from the various industries either at career fairs, employer talks and industry forums organised by Monash ECD.  In addition to that, I honed my soft skills as well as had practice in writing resumes and cover letters through the Monash ECD’s soft skills workshops and resume clinics. 

In the end, I corresponded with the employers I met during the Career Fair and Career Talks organised by ECD, browsed the Monash job portal, “Career Gateway” and the job advertisement boards and submitted my applications for internships and jobs. But it does not end here, finding your dream job requires continuous effort in building a lasting relationship with the employers, knowing what they want, and showing how you can add value to them. ECD can only help you if you help yourself first.

So, if you are excited about your future career as I do, start by visiting the ECD Resource Centre and join the ECD career events and talks!”

Ho Kah Hay
Bachelor of Business and Commerce
School of Business (2008 – 2011)


“The services provided by ECD are very helpful for students. They provide a bridge between students and employers. Career talks gave me an insight on work life. Furthermore, workshops like resume clinic and mock interviews  really help  students to be more prepared  when they are preparing for an interview.”

Grace Teng Wei Lin
Bachelor of Business and Commerce
School of Business ( 2009 – 2012)