Effective 1 October 2014, the i-Kad is issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). Each i-Kad contains personal information of students including photo, full name, date of birth, passport number, name of institution and student pass expiry date.

i-Kad is only valid in West Malaysia. All international students will receive their i-Kad after the endorsement of their student pass and a RM50 is charged for each card. The i-Kad is renewed on a yearly basis and the validity period of the card is the same as the student pass.

Students are advised to carry their passport and i-Kad when they travel within peninsular Malaysia. In the event of the loss of i-Kad, students are required to lodge a police report. A copy of the police report needs to be submitted to Monash University Malaysia to facilitate the re-issuance of i-Kad by EMGS.

Students have to return their i-Kad to the institution of study upon completion of studies or withdrawal. The i-Kad is only issued to students whose course of study is 6 months or above. The use of i-Kad is governed by the rules and regulation of Immigration Malaysia. The i-Kad is non-transferable and the use by another individual is not permitted.

Below are the charges for loss or damage of the i-Kad:

Loss (1st request) RM150 
Loss (2nd request) RM300 
Loss (3rd request) RM500 
Subsequent lossesRM500