Applying for a dependent pass

Members of your immediate family and dependants can receive a Dependent Pass to live with you while you study in Malaysia if you have a valid Student Pass.

You apply directly to Malaysian Immigration to get a Dependent Pass after your family arrives in Malaysia. Our International Student Pass office can provide guidance on your application, if needed.

Once you receive a Dependent Pass, you need to renew it each year, when you renew your Student Pass.

To get a Dependent Pass for a family member or dependent, you need to submit:

  • an IMM.55 Form (pdf, 26 kb)
  • an IMM.38 Form (pdf, 320 kb) (visa application form)
  • a photocopy of your passport
  • a photocopy of your immediate family member or dependent’s passport
  • a letter from your educational institution
  • a copy of proof of your relationship (for example, a birth certificate or marriage licence that has been government-endorsed in English in your home country or by your country representative in Malaysia).

If you speak Malay, you’ll find more information on the Malaysian Immigration Department’s website.

You can also apply for a Dependent Pass through the Malaysian Government-appointed agency, Education Malaysia Global Services, which charges RM250 for new application and renewal application is RM140.