Dependent pass

Members of your immediate family and dependent can apply for a dependent pass to live with you while you study in Malaysia provided that you have obtained a valid Student Pass.

Please submit the following documents for dependent pass application to the International Student Pass office once your dependent(s) arrive in Malaysia:

  • an IMM.55 Form (pdf, 26 kb)
  • an IMM.12 Form
  • an IMM.38 Form
  • a photocopy of passport (dependent passport)
  • 2 copies of passport size photo with blue background
  • certification letter from Monash University Malaysia
  • a copy of Letter of Offer
  • a copy of proof of your relationship (for example, a birth certificate or marriage certification or Certification letter from your Embassy)
  • a copy of passport information page and current Student Pass page (student passport)
  • latest bank statement (3 months)
  • personal bond
  • application form

Upon receiving your dependent pass, you need to renew it annually after you have renewed your student pass.

Find out more information on dependent pass at the Immigration Department of Malaysia website.