Dependent pass

Members of your immediate family and dependent can apply for a dependent pass to live with you while you study in Malaysia provided that you have obtained a valid Student Pass.

All postgraduate students enrolled are eligible to apply for dependent passes on behalf of their families. Undergraduate students will only be eligible to apply for dependant passes if they are citizens of the following countries:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Bahrain
  3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  4. Turkey
  5. Qatar
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Palestinian Territories
  8. Kuwait
  9. Yemen
  10. Iran
  11. Syria
  12. Oman
  13. Jordan
  14. Lebanon
  15. Iraq
  16. Libya
  17. Maldives

The estimated cost for the new dependent pass application is ~ RM950 per dependent. Please refer to the guide and checklist on documents required and submit the documents to the International Student Pass office upon your arrival in Malaysia.

New and Renewal Guide and Checklist

Upon receiving your dependent pass, you need to renew it annually after you have renewed your student pass. The estimated cost for the renewal dependent pass application is ~ RM300 per dependent.

Find out more information on dependent pass at the Education Malaysia Global Services website.