Changing course within Monash


A change in course requires international students to apply for a new Student Pass. The following are student pass requirements for the change of course as provided by EMGS.

  • Changing of course is only allowed during your first year of study. International students need not leave Malaysia when applying for a student pass to reflect this new course.
  • If you are applying for a change in course after your first year of study, you are required to exit Malaysia and apply for a student pass with the new course name while overseas.
  • Application for a new student pass due to a change of course is permitted up to a maximum of two times throughout your period of study in Malaysia

All student pass application approvals are subject to Immigration Department of Malaysia’s discretion. Please read the information regarding the change of course FAQs and requirements by EMGS here.

If you are in Malaysia and planning to stay in Malaysia until new semester commencement

If you are in Malaysia and planning to go back to your home country

There may be additional requirements imposed due to the ongoing Covid restrictions. You are advised to check the Entry Guidelines for New International Students which can be found here as well as the FAQs.

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