FAQs for timetables


Once you have completed your enrolment on WES (Web Enrolment System), you are required to:

Step 1: Plan your timetable
You are advised to plan your timetable checking all availabilities for your enrolled units and construct your optimum timetable using this information on Class Timetable.

Step 2: Set your order of unit's preferences
Whilst Allocate+ is in Preference Entry Mode, login to Allocate+ and using the timetable created during Step 1, set your preferences and submit it for the relevant activities (e.g. lecture, tutorial, labs etc) associated with your unit enrolment

Step 3: Check your allocated timetable
Whilst Allocate+ is in Allocation Adjustment Mode, review your timetable sorted by the system.

Step 4: Change your allocated timetable
You may make changes to your allocations where possible to:

  • optimise the timetable to suit your needs; or
  • complete your timetable from available options.

NOTE: Allocate+ operates in 3 modes each of which has a different range of available dates.

You can look up your timetable and sign up for classes using Allocate+

  1. Go to the Allocate+ website.
    Note: if you are a new student and have just enrolled in your units it may take up to 24 hours for your details to be transferred into Allocate+. For existing students, all changes made to your enrolled units will be immediately transferred into Allocate+.
  2. Click on 'Login to Allocate+'
  3. Enter your Monash IT Account username and password.
  4. On the left hand side of the screen, there will be a list of all your enrolled units by activity group (i.e. lectures, tutorials, labs, computer labs etc) associated to each unit.

    • Click on each unit link to view all of the available time slots.
    • Number all of the available slots in order of priority and preference per activity ( 1 is your most preferred slot, 2 is your second preferred slot, etc).
    • You must nominate at least six (6) preferences if they are available.
    • Click on 'Save'.
    • Repeat the same steps for other activity group until you have nominated preferences for all enrolled units.
  5. After you have set all of your unit's preferences, click 'Log Out'.

You can do the following:

You cannot make changes to your tutorial/comp-lab/lab allocation once Allocate+ is in View Only Mode .

Further information about Allocate+ is available from the following links:

The three likely reasons are:

  • you changed unit recently,
  • your unit is being taught off campus or online,
  • your school is not using Allocate+ for some, or all, of its timetabling.

As a new student, it can take up to 48 hours for your unit changes to come through from WES (Web Enrolment System) to Allocate+. Otherwise, check with your respective Course Management Office

Some clashes can be resolved by changing your allocation in Allocate+ during the Allocation Adjustment Mode, i.e. selecting alternative tutorials or labs. If alternative slot(s) is unavailable or full, you may need to contact your school for immediate assistance.

Once Allocate+ re-opens in Allocation Adjustment Mode you will be able to check the availability of timeslots for each activity group (i.e. lecture, tutorials, labs etc) of your enrolled units and manually allocate the most suitable time slot(s) that is still not full.

For further information: How to use Allocate+

If you experience difficulties in finding suitable time slot and completing your timetable, please contact the Course Management Office at your school for further assistance.

Yes, you are strongly advised to check Allocate+ after submitting your preferences for the following reasons:

1. An activity is cancelled or modified by the school during Preference Entry Mode
Activity availability may change during the preferences entry period (e.g. new tutorials may be added and previously advised tutorials may be cancelled).

You will not be advised if any activities are cancelled or amended whilst Allocate+ is in Preference Entry mode.

It is recommended that you check the Allocate+ system once a week until the Preference Entry period closes. Refer to Allocate+ Important Dates for details of dates. Should there be changes to activity availability it will be necessary for you to nominate a replacement preference.

2. Edit your existing preferences
You can edit your submitted preferences before the Preference Entry Mode closes. For details, please refer to article Enter Preferences in Allocate+.

3. Check your allocated timetable
You will have to log in to check your allocations, during Allocation Adjustment Mode.

4. Adjust your allocated timetable
You can adjust your allocated timetable if other time slots are still available. For details, please refer to article Change Allocation in Allocate+.

5. An activity is cancelled or modified by the school in Allocation Adjustment Mode
Some activities may change whilst Allocate+ is in Allocation Adjustment mode. It is possible that activities to which you have been allocated could be cancelled, which will leave you without allocations for that unit.

6. If an activity is cancelled or amended you will receive an automated email advising you to re-allocate in the system.

If you have a complete timetable, you should remain in your current allocations. The sort process gives you the best possible timetable considering all relevant factors (including your preferences). During allocation adjustment mode, other students may make changes to their timetable. If you monitor Allocate+, you may be able to move to your preferred class if a place becomes available.

If your classes are full, please contact the Course Management Office at your school for further assistance.

If you have any clashes, please contact the Course Management Office at your school for further assistance.

You will need to log into Allocate+ and select preferences/allocations for any unit you have just added and re-adjust other preferences/allocations where necessary.

If you are a:

  • new student who has not used WES before, any new unit enrolment in WES may take up to 24 hours to process.

  • current student who has used WES in the past, any changes to your enrolment should be reflected in Allocate + immediately, however should this not be the case, we advise you wait for an hour after making the change before seeking assistance.

It is important to note that if you discontinue a unit, your allocations for that particular unit will be removed automatically from Allocate+.

Next semester timetable availability will be notified through Important Dates.