Check your enrolment

Students are strongly encouraged to frequently check that all their enrolment details are correct. The consequence of not checking your enrolment, and notifying the university of any errors, include:

  • incurring fees for a units not undertaken,
  • no longer enrolled in a unit if you did not pass a pre-requisite,
  • incurring fail grades for units not undertaken, and/or
  • not receiving grades for units that were studied but not formally enrolled.

You can check enrolment details via:

If the enrolment details do differ to what you think they should be, you should approach your school as soon as you notice the error and preferably before the census date for that teaching period.

Check again after results release

  • After the release of unit results, you must check that your unit enrolments are still valid. If not, adjust your enrolment as necessary.
  • See invalidation of units after results release.
  • Seek advice from your School before changing your enrolment.

Amending enrolment

Semester 1 and 2 only

Prior to end of second week of semester: Use the normal unit change methods to add and discontinue units.

After the end of second week of semester: School’s approval must be granted to add a unit. A late unit enrolment fee will be charged.

After Census Date: A unit cannot normally be added or discontinued (without penalty) unless it results from proven University administrative error.