What is mental health?

We often associate mental health with mental illness.  But mental health is more than that.  In fact, mental health is something we all need.  It is, generally speaking:

  • a feeling of well being
  • happiness
  • satisfaction
  • ability to cope with life’s challenges
  • ability to accept others as they are
  • having a positive attitude towards oneself and others

People who are mentally healthy trust others and enjoy being part of a group. They are equally happy and comfortable being on their own. For them, life is meaningful.

Mentally healthy people

They feel good about themselves:

  • able to deal with most situations
  • can accept their shortcomings
  • have self-respect
  • take pleasure in simple, everyday things

They are able to meet demands of life:

  • set realistic goals for themselves
  • plan ahead and do not fear the future
  • welcome new experiences and ideas
  • able to make their own decisions

They feel comfortable with others:

  • able to give love to others
  • respect the many differences they find in people
  • have lasting personal relationships
  • can feel part of a group