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A message from International Student Pass (ISP) office

The changes to current processes for the cancellation of student pass will apply to international students who are completing or discontinuing their course at Monash Malaysia, as well as those applying for intermission, or those unable to continue with studies due to suspension or exclusion. These changes are made in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Department of Immigration Malaysia.

The changes will take effect from 15 May 2017. Kindly visit the page at for further details.

A message from International Student Pass (ISP) office

Effective 1 February 2015, medical insurer will be AIG (instead of AXA) and the insurance fee for student pass renewal is:

Processing fee: RM140
Medical screening: not required
Medical insurance: RM519.40
Student pass: RM60
Multiple-entry visa: RM6 to RM50 (depending on your nationality)
i-Kad: RM50

A message from International Student Support office

Before classes begin in the new semester, international students are to take note of the attendance recording process, which they will need to follow when classes commence on 30 July 2014. This system tracks the attendance of international student in ALL classes. There are several ways that attendance can be recorded.

Information on attendance recording process and user guide is available on the following webpages:

Please note the requirement of minimum 80% attendance rate is mandatory. This is a requirement by the Ministry of Education and Immigration Department of Malaysia. Non-compliance may result in cancellation of your student pass and you having to return to your home country.

If you have difficulty logging in the system, please email For other assistance or further clarification, you may speak with a Student Adviser from the International Student Support office, located at Student Services, Building 2, Level 2.