Register with Disability Services

Each year there are over 800 students registered with the Disability Services (DS) in Monash University Australia.  The DS takes into consideration the impact of your disability in the academic environment.

If you are considering to register with the DS, it is vital that you contact the Student Wellbeing and Activities office at Monash University Malaysia as soon as possible.

Step 1: Documentation

  • Obtain appropriate medical documentation
  • The registration form provides a guide to the key information we require from most students.   Students may be asked to provide additional or more comprehensive  information.
  • Students should provide original documentation which:
    • is from an independent qualified health professional who has  experience in the relevant field, such as a Psychiatrist, General  Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Educational Psychologist, Audiologist  etc.
    • clearly states the condition, its impacts on your academic  life, and recommendations for accommodations to address these impacts.

Step 2: Appointment

Step 3: Meeting

  • At the initial meeting, the SWA officer will review your documents
  • An initial discussion will be conducted about your requirements

Step 4: Submission of Documents

  • Please wait whilst your documents are being sent to the Disability Services (DS) in Monash University Australia

Step 5: Application Processing

  • DS will review all information provided by you
  • DS will explore services available which may assist you
  • A DS officer may contact you directly to obtain more information

Step 6: Notification

  • A DS officer will contact you about the possible services available
  • Students may negotiate services and accommodations directly with the DS officer.

Step 7: Provision of Services

  • Services will be provided as agreed

Any sensitive information you disclose is kept securely within the SWS and DS.   Certain specific information about you may be disclosed to other areas of the University  with your consent in order to arrange relevant services for you.   For more detail please refer to the Disability Liaison Unit Privacy Statement.