Orientation Checklist

Congratulations on your offer at Monash University Malaysia

Orientation Week is designed to help you get to know your school, course and campus. This includes all the services and facilities available to all Monash students

To ensure you get the best out of Orientation, follow the steps below:

Before Orientation:

1. Accept your offer

2. Activate your Monash IT account https://account-registration.monash.edu/

3. Complete the online orientation Enrolment Questionnaire

4. For international students: Obtain your Visa Approval Letter

During Orientation:

1. Attend the Welcome to Monash Malaysia session

2. Attend your school briefing

3. Attend Student ID photo session at Student Services Counter (you will need to complete your unit enrolment with your school and the online enrolment questionnaire via WES)

4. For international students: Complete your Medical Screening on campus

5. Find out about what Clubs and Societies you can join

6. Make friends and get involved in the activities

7. Share your experience #MonashOWeek

8. Have fun!

Don't forget - Complete the orientation survey and get an exclusive Monash Tee. You will be sent an email in Week 1.


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