Essential things to do during orientation

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For international students only: report to the International Student Pass counter at Building 2, Level 2

Report to staff on duty at the International Student Pass counter. Attend the mandatory briefing and activities. Undergo the medical screening and x-ray for new international students.

Activate your Monash IT account

Activate your Monash IT account by visiting Computer accounts are compulsory, as all courses will require you to have access to the Web and your Monash email account. Refer to ITS helpdesk (Building 9, Level 3) or contact +603 5514 6200 if you need further assistance.

Complete the online enrolment questionnaire and update your emergency contact details

Go to to complete the compulsory questionnaire and update your emergency contact details before your student ID card is issued to you. Refer to the Offer Guide for further instructions.  Print or save the transaction number and details.

Submit your course enrolment form

For Malaysian students, submit your course enrolment form to your school’s Course Management Office.

For international students, validate your course enrolment form at the International Student Pass section (at Building 2 Level 2) before submitting it to your school’s Course Management Office.

Obtain your student ID card

Once you have filled out the compulsory online enrolment questionnaire and updated your emergency contact details and successfully completed the course enrolment process with your School, you may proceed to Student Services counter to obtain your student ID card. Refer to the Student ID photo sessions the orientation schedules.  Information on Student ID photo sessions is also available at the Monash University Malaysia website and Student Services counter. You are required to bring the following documents for verification purposes:

      • Completed student ID card request form.
      • MyKad/Passport.

Allocate your lab and tutorial classes

Finalise your timetable for units you have enrolled in.  Pick your preferred lab and tutorial slots via For more details, kindly refer to the Offer Guide.

Get a complimentary Monash University t-shirt by completing the online Orientation survey

Complete the online Orientation survey to receive a complimentary Monash University t-shirt.  You should receive an email in your Monash email account at the beginning of week 1 of the semester with a link to the online survey.  Instructions on how to redeem the t-shirt will be given to you at the end of the survey.

Library and Learning Commons

Attend the library orientation to familiarise yourself with the library support services, resources and facilities.  For more information, please contact library staff at the one-stop information centre or visit

Student association, clubs and societies

Monash University Student Association (MUSA) represents the student body. Under the MUSA umbrella are various clubs and societies, education/welfare representation, and free facilities at the student lounge for undergraduate students. For postgraduate students, Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA) acts in the same manner while international students should get in touch with Monash University International Student Services (MUISS) on their programs and activities for the year.

Student related rules and regulations

Familiarise yourself with relevant information on the following website:

Emergency numbers

Students should be aware of emergency numbers. Please refer to the Emergency Numbers card.  The university highly recommends that you keep these numbers with you at all times.