Student Pass and Visas

To be enrolled as a Monash Malaysia student, you would need to enter Malaysia with a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) and not a tourist visa. This is very important because if you come in on a tourist visa, you will need to leave and re-enter Malaysia with a VAL before you will be accepted as a Monash Malaysia student.

The VAL is a single-entry pass which we will apply for you at the Immigration Department of Malaysia after you have accepted your offer and submitted the necessary documents and required fees (if any) as advised in your offer letter.  The Student Pass application fee is non-refundable and includes the fee for the compulsory Medical and Health insurance, i-Kad and Health Screening upon arrival in Malaysia.

Obtaining your Student Pass

To apply for your Student Pass, you will need to submit your study abroad or exchange application with the following:

  • 2 current passport – sized colour photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm) with WHITE background, neutral facial expression with mouth closed and preferably with dark coloured attire.
  • 1 colour copy of all pages of your passport/s including blank, front and back cover pages (each page on a separate A4 sized paper with no enlargement or reduction). Your passport for Student Pass application must be valid at least 14 months from the expected date of entry.
  • 2 copies (1 original & 1 certified true copy) of completed No Objection Certificate (NOC) are required for applicants from Sudan. Only original NOC's are accepted (email submissions are not accepted) and must be attached to your exchange or study abroad application form.

The VAL may take up to 4 – 6 weeks (sometimes more) and we will monitor and follow up with immigration during this time. As Student Pass approvals are at the discretion of the immigration office and may take considerable time, be sure to accept your offer as soon as possible.

Once your Student Pass application is approved, your VAL will be sent to your email address provided in your Monash Abroad acceptance form before the commencement of your program. You must not travel to Malaysia without this letter.

You are required to present your VAL to the Malaysian Immigration on your arrival, whereby a temporary ‘Special Pass’ will be stamped in your passport.

Entry Visa

In addition to your VAL and depending on country of citizenship of your submitted passport, you may also be required to apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) at the nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate before you arrive in Malaysia. This can only be done after you have received your Visa Approval Letter which we will send to you via email and postal mail. Due to possible lengthy visa processing time, you are advised to contact the Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate for application details upon accepting your offer from Monash University Malaysia.

If you require a SEV and your country does not have a Malaysian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate, you are permitted to enter Malaysia provided you have the Visa Approval Letter issued by the Department of Immigration Malaysia. You are then required to apply for a Visa on Arrival for Students (VOAS) upon arrival at the Malaysia airport. Failure to do so will result in your application for Student Pass endorsement being rejected.

Please refer to the following links for more information on entry visa requirements:

Yellow Fever Vaccination

All international students coming from and/or transiting (more than 12 hours) through high risk countries must also undergo Yellow Fever Vaccination. The Yellow Fever vaccination certificate should be attached to your passport and must be presented to immigration officers upon arrival in Malaysia to be granted entry.

Medical Screening

Effective 1 June 2019, all exchange and study abroad students will no longer be required to undergo a pre-arrival medical screening for the Student Pass application.

All exchange and study abroad students are instead required to submit a Health Declaration Form as part of the Student Pass application. This form will be emailed to you together with your Offer Letter from Monash Abroad Malaysia. The completed form shall be scanned (in PDF format and high resolution) and submitted along with your Acceptance Form.

Within seven (7) days of your arrival in Malaysia, you are required to undergo a post-arrival medical screening (which includes a medical laboratory test and x-ray examination) and submit your passport to the International Student Pass office at Monash Malaysia. This is to arrange for an official Student Pass endorsement in your passport which allows for multiple entries into Malaysia and is a compulsory requirement of the Malaysia Immigration authorities.

Please approach the Monash Abroad office at the Malaysia campus immediately upon your arrival for guidance on the compulsory post-arrival medical screening and passport submission process.

Medical and Health insurance

Part of your Student Pass requirements includes the purchase of a compulsory Medical and Health insurance for all international students studying in Malaysia. This insurance fee is included as part of the Student Pass application fee.

The Medical and Health Insurance either fully covers or contributes towards most hospital charges, including room and board, consultation and surgical fees, intensive care and outpatient services, and road ambulance services (some maximum limits may apply).

Apart from being covered by the Hospital and Surgical insurance, we encourage you to also purchase your own travel insurance which normally provides for a wider coverage of incidences. This will also include coverage assurance for any medical costs you may incur if the compulsory Medical and Health insurance coverage is insufficient.

Student Pass Endorsement

Upon successful completion of your post-arrival medical screening, you will need to submit your passport to the International Student Pass office to arrange for the official Student Pass endorsement process.

The Student Pass Endorsement process usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks (sometimes longer) during which your passport will be submitted to immigration for endorsement. As you will be without your passport, you are advised not to make any travel arrangements outside Malaysia during this period. Exceptions can be provided in the event of an emergency but this is subject to the absolute discretion of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.