Approval process

The complete approval process from the time Monash Abroad receives your application till your Student Pass approval letter is sent to you takes approximately 12 weeks (sometimes more).

When preparing your application, you should also factor in the time you, your home university, or your agent will need in order to prepare your application – this may add many weeks or months to the application processing time.

Initial assessment

The Monash Abroad office carries out the initial assessment of your application, checking that your application is complete and that you have met the eligibility criteria, including English proficiency. In the case of exchange nominations, the exchange balance between Monash and your university is checked, unless an agreement has already been reached before the nominations are sent to Monash.

Study plan approval

Once the initial assessment has been completed, your application is sent to each of the schools where you have requested units so that your choice of units can be approved. Schools are entirely responsible for assessing if you have the necessary prerequisites and academic background to undertake your selected units and the Monash Abroad office has no say in this.

Specially trained enrolments staff in each school assesses the exchange and study abroad applications, but they are often referred to individual academic staff responsible for specific units. This means that your study plan may require multiple approvals in more than one school – a process which can take approximately two weeks (from the date the application is received by Monash Abroad).

School staff may sometimes request unit outlines and other material from your home university to assess your suitability for a particular unit. Such requests will normally be forwarded by the Monash Abroad staff.

Monash Abroad staff monitors the length of time your application has been with the schools for approval, and will follow up if it is lagging, but we cannot move to the next stage until the study plan has been approved.

Offer of admission

As soon as your study plan has been approved, Monash Abroad will issue a formal offer of admission. This will be in the form of a letter, emailed directly to you and copied to your home university or agent, except in cases where partners or agents have specifically requested the offer be sent directly to them. Accompanying the offer letter will be a list of your pre-approved units, acceptance form, on-campus accommodation application form, Health Declaration form and a Monash Abroad Pre-Arrival Guide.

Acceptance of offer

You must sign the acceptance form and return it by scanning and emailing it to Monash Abroad within 14 days – the offer lapses after this 14 day period. Along with the acceptance form, you will also be required to complete the on-campus application form (if applicable) and Health Declaration form and email it back to Monash Abroad.

Also included in the offer package will be payment requests for the following fees:

  • Student Pass fee which includes a compulsory health check and medical insurance
  • Tuition fee for one semester (if you are a study abroad student)
  • On-campus accommodation which we highly recommend all our exchange and study abroad students to stay at for their convenience.

Student Pass application

We will be able to apply for your Student Pass with the Immigration Department of Malaysia only after you’ve accepted your study offer and submitted the necessary fees (if any) as advised in your offer letter.

As approval for your Student Pass by the immigration office can take up to eight weeks (sometimes more), be sure to respond to your offer quickly once you have received it from us.

Please ensure you are familiar with the Student Pass and Visa requirements before arriving in Malaysia.

Unit enrolment and study timetable

Once your Student Pass is approved and sent to you, we will enrol the approved units you have selected in your acceptance form before you arrive.

You will have the opportunity to allocate your class timetable after this with our online tutorial allocation system called Allocate+. To use this timetabling system, you would need to have activated your Monash computer network account called Authcate. A detailed step-by-step guide on timetabling and account activation would be included in your pre-arrival guide.